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Are you Ready to Sell Your Business?

Are you Ready to Sell Your Business?

Deciding to Sell your business is often one of the most important decisions as well as one of the largest financial decisions that an entrepreneur will make in their lifetime. Each year approximately 700,000 to 800,000 small-to medium-size businesses change ownership....

9 Steps to Prepare Your Colorado Business to Sell

9 Steps to Prepare Your Colorado Business to Sell

A solid exit strategy will not only add to the value of the business, it will also increase the marketability of the company. If you have determined now is not the best time to sell your business, you can still begin to take steps today to prepare for selling now or...

Frequently Asked Business Broker Questions

How do I pick a broker?

Ensure credentials: Professional brokers are interested in the most delicate issues of the profession. Request Recommendations – While we are in trust, the business broker must provide professional advice nationally or locally. Look for a broker who is located at the top of the local market but has national access through the organization they are affiliated with.

Our professional business brokers have previously held leadership positions at the CEO, CFO, Vice President or Director level or were former business owners. We believe our experience and professional practice sets Murphy Business Brokers apart and allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of service, whether they are buying or selling a business. Murphy Business is an international organization with access to a large number of buyers.

How do you find a buyer?

Our goal is to identify qualified buyers who generate genuine interest, are willing to pay market value and are willing to act quickly. 

Key factors that determine the amount of time are proper business valuation, aggressive marketing, access to a large number of buyers and approved financing sources.

How do I determine what my business is worth?

Your business partner Murphy Business is an experienced business broker and will advise you on all related matters. The decision to sell your business is important and preparation is required before putting your business on the market. Financial statements and business activities of the company must be analyzed and evaluated to determine strengths and weaknesses of your company.

I’m ready to sell my business. What is the first step?

Business valuation and market analysis will provide you the information you need to establish your asking price, deal structure and identify potential buyers. Murphy Business Associates prepares your business for sale and helps you maximize your market potential.

How long will it take to sell my business?

The transaction can be fast or it can take more than a year before a buyer is found – on average – 6 months. We are the business broker experts in Colorado and can provide valuable advise once a business valuation is completed. Contact Murphy Business Brokers today for a free consultation at 970-818-0611 in Fort Collins or 720-292-1627 in Denver.

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